Northeast Minneapolis Audio-Guided Walking Tours

The Noon Whistle Tour

The Noon Whistle Tour follows some of the founding footsteps of Northeast residents. In the past, as today, food is a vital part of Northeasters lives. When the Noon Whistle blew, workers at Aaron Carlson Millworks, General Mills, Crown Ironworks, and many other businesses and industries would wipe their brows and find a corner market or diner to grab some good homemade grub. On this tour you will be led through a neighborhood rich with history from the past and history that we are creating today. Some streets and businesses you'll walk past are familiar, some probably never noticed. You'll be sure to learn a lot of lore and find some more to explore.

Download the 'Never the Same River Twice' Tour! Download the "Noon Whistle" Tour! (MP3 format, 53MB, 58 minutes)
Map of the 'Noon Whistle' tour.



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